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More riders and racers have used Keith Code's materials to improve their cornering skills than any others. They are the all time best sellers on sport/performance riding.

Dunlop Qualifier 3 (set)
(Special for Superbike School students ONLY)
The Dunlop Qualifier 3 is an ideal all-around sport tire. If you ride street and track, this tire does very well in both environments as well as wet conditions. We fit our fleet of BMW S1000's with the Qualifier 3. Contact our office for exact shipping costs and to place orders, (800) 530-3350. Sales tax for California orders. This special price is available only to Superbike School students--we check our records before sending your order.

Available sizes are:
Dunlop Sportmax GPA 211 USA version set
(Special for Superbike School students ONLY)
The Dunlop Sportmax GPA 211 (USA version) is the spec tire you see the AMA 600 racers using. If you ride mostly on the track, this tire gives very good grip for high-performance riding. It is street legal and some riders use this tire for road riding, but it's recommended for those who do the majority of their riding on the track. This tire is only available in the size 120/70/17 for the front and 190/60/17 for the rear, which fits virtually every sportbike from 600cc's and up. An exception would be a light twin such as a Suzuki SV 650. We typically stock the "medium+" compound which is the favorite for wear resistance and great grip.Contact our office for exact shipping costs and to place orders, (800) 530-3350. Sales tax for California orders. This special price is available only to Superbike School students--we check our records before sending your order.
A Twist of the Wrist II, DVD (Released October 2009)
109 minutes

"My primary objective in this DVD was to communicate to riders that there is a definite technology to riding. The bike wasn't designed by opinions or good advice and riding is the same, there are technical points that need to be understood. That's the message and focus of this film. Once a rider gets the idea there is a technology then and only then can he conquer his fears and uncertainties on cornering and at that point improvement is virtually unlimited." - Keith Code

Essential for all motorcyclists from weekend riders to racers, Twist of the Wrist II brings Keith Code's best selling book vividly to life, demonstrating precision techniques for overcoming barriers to cornering such as rider input, fundamentals on steering, visual skills, braking, body position, throttle control and more.

From canyon roads to track, techniques are fully explored and laid out using multiple camera angles, onboard shots and CG animation in over 105 minutes of spectacular Hi-Def footage.

The best performance upgrade for any rider, Twist of the Wrist II is the latest product from Keith Code, founder of The California Superbike School and trainer of numerous championship winning riders worldwide. >> Watch a trailer here.

$19.95 (DVD)  

Keith Code’s Books
The Soft Science of Roadracing Motorcycles
166 pages/120 pictures
The Soft Science is an intimate look at the component parts of racing and what the racer must deal with if he wants to succeed. Thirteen chapters discuss how you ride, timing, traction, braking, corner speed, drive and more. It defines basic riding plans and provides hundreds of questions you can use to supervise your own progress and trouble shoot any racing situation. It was written for racers only.


A Twist of the Wrist, Vol. 1
115 pages/89 pictures
This is the world's foremost primer on motorcycle riding. Well written and illustrated, it contains everything from the five basic road designs and how to handle them all the way to successful tips on braking, steering, cornering, how to use reference points, sliding, and even how to fall. This book outlines the basics. It has received more reviews, has been translated into more languages and sold more copies than any other book on motorcycling.


A Twist of the Wrist, Vol. 2
117 pages/99 pictures
The newest Twist book contains twenty-six chapters of riding techniques. Straight to the point information on how to make your bike work for you not against you. Volume II names and solves the seven specific riding problems every rider faces. This is not a warmed over version of the original Twist material, it is new. You'll use the clearly described techniques every day - every time you ride.


Keith Code’s Audio CDs, DVD and Interactive CD
A Twist of the Wrist, Vol. 1, 4 Audio CD Set
Read by Keith with dozens of NEW NOTES and COMMENTS to clarify and add depth to this classic instruction manual. Get it straight from the man in this brand new audio CD set.


A Twist of the Wrist, Vol. 2, 4 Audio CD Set
This audio CD set is for everyone who rides. Read by Keith, he dissected not only what the bike wants and how it should respond, but also identifies the 7 deadly Survival Reactions which prevent riders from achieving confidence with their cornering. This is the new classic.


A Twist of the Wrist DVD
Note: This is not the 2009 Twist II Video
107 minutes
The DVD bring life and action to the basics. Cornering, braking, steering, riding barriers and ten more sections open the door to your riding improvement. You can see it. The DVD is nearly two hours long; you'll watch it over and over. On-bike camera positions show the fine points of riding and 400 different action shots bring clarity to all the basic skills. Just like the book, the video version went on to become the world's best-selling and most widely viewed instructional tape. YOU CAN SEE IT now in all the clarity and convenience of DVD format.


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